What is Sushi?

Sushi is the preparation of food which was originated in Japan, it consists of cooked vinegared rice known as Shari or Sumeshi, which is combined with either fish, vegetables or in some cases fruit.Original Sushi today known as Nare-Zushi was created in South East Asia. To this day Nare-Zushi is still made as it was originally done by wrapped fish in fermenting rice, this causes the fish to break down it’s amino acids. This fermenting rice and fish create a savoury (umami) and sour taste. The word Sushi it self translates as “sour tasting”


Types of Sushi

The common ingredients of all types of Sushi is Vinegared rice, what makes the different types of Sushi is the preparation, fillings, condiments and toppings.

Chirashi-zushi translated as “scattered Sushi” this consists of a bowl of sushi rice topped with raw fish and vegetables.

Inari-zushi translated as “fried tofu pouch” This is a seasoned and fried pouch made from Tofu and it is filled with Vinegared rice.

Maki Zushi translated as “rolled Sushi” This is made using sushi rice and other ingredients like vegetables or seafood rolled in a sheet of nori. This is a very popular sushi type in the west, the rolled sushi can come in different styles such as Futo Maki translated as “fat rolls”, Gunkan Maki translated as “Battleship roll“, Chu Maki translated as “medium roll”, Hoso Maki translated as “thin roll” this consists of just one rolled ingredient. Kazari-maki translated as “decorative roll” this is made using coloured rice and made into different shapes. Tekami translated as “hand roll” this is a cone shape sushi.

Nigiri-Sushi translated as “Hand Formed Sushi” this type of Sushi is made by shaping the rice into an oval shaped ball and adding another type of ingredient on top.

Sushi can be wrapped using different types of “paper” such as salmon skin, seaweed, Nori, cucumber and tofu skin.
The fish used in sushi is usually raw although some can be cooked, in Japan there are over 80 types of fish used to create Sushi.


Sushi Recipe

Maki Sushi Rolls (to serve 2)

Required Ingredients
100 grams of Rice (sushi rice)
1 Sheet of Nori (can be bought from most supermarkets)
2tbs Vinegar (sushi type)Wasabi
Soy Sauce
Ginger (Japanese)

Some Fillings
Fish either tuna or salmon raw (sashimi grade)
Red Pepper


1. Make the rice by mixing Japanese rice with sushi viniger
2. Prepare an area with your Makisu rolling mat 3. Place your Nori on your mat and add your rice on one half about 1.2cm high
4. Now add your ingredients on the rice and start rolling
5. Next cut into about 5 pieces and your done!

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