Reasonable sushi

is hard to come by in London, but with Catering you get fresh delicious sushi delivered straight to your door. A sushi catering in London service set up in 2014, Catering is growing in popularity constantly, “all the sushi is handmade with ingredients sourced from local suppliers“. catering is passionate about the freshness of ingredients and only use products bought on the same day, nothing is kept overnight. When you place an order for sushi delivery, your order is prepared fresh by Michelin trained chefs.


Sushi catering

in London offer a sushi delivery service to your front door, you simply contact them or fill in the online form to find out whether  Catering deliver to your area. The bespoke menu takes a fresh and unique approach to Japanese food. Sushi delivery is perfect if you are holding a company event, a dinner party or having friends round. With sushi delivery, there is no hassle or fuss and minimal clean-up afterwards as they provide the full service. Sushi is the perfect alternative to canapés or finger food, adding a quirky contemporary twist to the menu. A sushi delivery that is fast and fresh, catering deliver throughout the city.

Sushi platter

Sushi is ideal for a number of occasions, whether you are catering for a business lunch, a dinner party for friends, birthday party, Wedding reception or a romantic meal. The wide-ranging menu at Catering in London caters to all tastes, from sashimi, hand rolls, Nigeria, inside out rolls, to hot dishes and sushi boxes.

One major advantage

that people have when it comes to sushi is that people often end up consuming sushi in lieu of other food that they consider to be comfort food and unhealthy at the same time. These foods include things like pizza, hamburgers and everything else that a person might conceivably associate with being delicious if not very nutritious. Well, sushi is most definitely a delicious type of food but at the same time, it is also important to realize that sushi is also a nutritious type of food.

There are very many good nutrients that you can get out of eating sushi but there are also very few fats in sushi in stark contrast to pizza, burgers or anything else for that matter. Therefore, the main advantage of sushi is that it is nutritious while at the same time being delicious.

Another advantage

that sushi brings to the table has to do with the choice element that it has. When you take a look at pizza you can choose from cooking methods and toppings and the same is true for burgers as well. However, when you are dealing with sushi, you can actually choose from absolutely anything you want to. You can choose the way in which the roll is wrapped, the toppings that are inside the roll and the way in which they are orientated in the different layers that each sushi roll has to have.


You have ultimate freedom in deciding exactly how you want your sushi to turn out and because of that you have the advantage of being able to choose toppings that are not only toppings that you find delicious, but also toppings that you know are healthy and therefore can reinforce the first advantage that was discussed above.
If you are looking for fresh sushi in London check out Con Gusto’s Sushi caterer in London.

One final advantage

of sushi is that it is pretty easy to make at home. If you are dealing with burgers you have to fry them and then clean up the mess whereas if you are dealing with pizza you have to bake it in the oven and even prepare the dough if you want to start from scratch. If you are dealing with sushi, however, it is just a matter of making some rice and then rolling that rice together with whatever meat or vegetable base you decide the sushi needs to have.

The whole process only takes a few seconds per roll and therefore allows you to create massive amounts of sushi for storage and later consumption in just a few hours. The enjoyment to work ratio for sushi is very high and therefore allows it to trump most of the other fun foods. This is yet one more advantage that sushi brings to the table.

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